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Welcome!  Today, we launched our first app, Charisma Pro, and it is truly a life’s work for some on our team.  Building out this idea hasn’t been an easy process at all, and at each step along the way, we discussed and debated the:  who, what, where, when and how.  We knew what the end vision looked like, building a community of people who are always striving to be more effective, present and authentic in their daily interactions. Essentially we’re on this journey to help everyone become a better public speaker. Your ideas, negotiations, vision, and wildest dreams won’t become a reality without the right type of communication. The people that instigate profound change (move mountains) know how to start that fire and ignite the belief in others by building urgency and inspiring people to act.  There’s a real science behind why people sell more, pull off a moving speech, or genuinely connect with 20+ individuals at a networking event. Charismatic people evoke spellbound feelings with their audience (you can’t help but believe).

You might be pondering, what exactly is charisma? True charisma comes from within; it’s a combination of self-confidence, deep eye contact, your voice, active listening, and effective communication. Which for many is easier said than done.

We are very excited that you are coming along on this journey with us. For those of you who know us, this project is a natural extension of who we are and what we do.  For those of you who don’t, we have one simple and clear mandate – Helping you get a standing ovation, both literally and figuratively!  We want people to see the best you and see the best in you.  Our specialty happens to be in presentations and public speaking….one of the things that people fear most!

Every day we work with experts all over the world and help them deliver their information in a clear and concise way.  From TED Talks, conference presentations, to shareholder meetings and project updates, we are working with the world’s best to help them get better and better.

From these experiences, we discovered the need for this technology.  We coupled our training expertise from Stand and Command with technical vocal analysis expertise and created the first ever-objective measurer of the level of charisma in your voice.  Our real-time analysis allows you to see when you are effectively communicating and more importantly when you’re not!

Our technology is an algorithm of the human vocal tract and feeds the user information based on power, prosody, variance, volume and pitch to act as a personal voice training coach!

The technology is complex and science based.  The plan is to share the technology and its’ abilities with you, one step at a time.  We will follow up with additional updates and share with you the power of science and communication. Get early beta access to the app – sign up here!

Author Avnish Mehta

Avnish is the Founder of Charisma Pro and Principal of Stand and Command, a Calgary-based strategic consulting and presentation firm. Born and raised in Calgary, Avnish graduated from the University of Western Ontario with a degree that focused on Human Resources and Public Policy. Avnish had a successful career in the corporate sector as a currency trader in the risk management industry and as an owner and operator of a recruitment company dedicated to recent post-secondary graduates. He's also on the Board of Directors at the Calgary Public Library and volunteers with Village Brewery, Calgary Folk Fest, and other local initiatives.

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